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I’m an image-maker, an image-concocter, an image-blender. For me, the Image is Queen. Psychologist James Hillman calls the image the “via regia” to the soul—the royal road of soul-making. I’m fascinated by how images resonate and how we “fine tune” them in our understanding. Put a sword in the hand of a woman in a red dress, for instance, and that sword resonates much differently than in the hand of a guy wearing a suit of armor. My responsibility to the image, indeed my great pleasure and privilege, is to be open to other ways of knowing and understanding, while still being grounded in my particular place, in my specific time: a midwestern woman at mid-life in the middle of a continent.







Jim Urbach

Dedicated to Jim Urbach
July 20, 1949 - June 7, 2016


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