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Self Portrait at 60Cowboy JimAnna GarskiLove the Invisible (Sonia Hazard)
Sandra Menefee TaylorChris Williams


Olson cites Lucien Freud and Wayne Thiebaud as two of her artistic influences, and it’s clear what that she has the same rich, almost luscious, color sense as Thiebaud. The influence of Freud is evident too: Olson’s portraits — slightly larger than life-size, in fairly tight close-up — have the same clear-eyed honesty; her subjects are not bland, smooth-skinned images of perfection. But she has none of Freud’s often cold, almost clinical detachment; the individuals have been painted unflinchingly, yet the keen eye that observes them is also one that understands and appreciates both their individual story and our shared part in the collective enterprise called humanity. — Judy Arginteanu

Patricia Olson accepts commissions for portraits. Please see the Commissions page, for more information.







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